Sunday, May 12, 2013


Months ago I thought I was going to have to move my family from Alabama to Atlanta, GA but God changed that plan (YEA!!).  However, it did get me to think about a move that I did need to make and today is finally my moving day.  The best part was I didn't have pack a thing.

Living in Harmony, the blog, is moving to  Some of my friends have already found me there for a preview but I would love for each you join me there and as a little incentive I am running a giveaway on the new site.  Just click on over, have a look around and be sure to leave a comment at let me know what you, what you think needs to change and especially if something isn't working properly.  


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Comfort To Be A Comfort{Five-Minute Friday}

Five Minute FridayToday I am joining my friends and Lisa-Jo again for Five Minute Friday. If you’re new here (welcome!) the rules are simple: Write, don’t edit, link your post to her page, and then share the encouragement like wildfire. You can do that, I know you can.

The prompt this week is: Comfort

I remember crawling up in bed between my mom and dad as a little girl.  There was just something about about being snuggled up between them that gave me comfort.  Comfort to go back to sleep after a bad dream. Comfort to talk about anything and everything.  Comfort to just be.  Even as became a teenager and was to really to big to be crashing in their bed I still found my comfort there.  I remember a couple of nights before my wedding when the nerves and excitement were increasing I wanted so much to tap on their door one last time but I couldn't I was grown up.... I was to old to need mommy and daddy to comfort me, right ?  A few minutes later my daddy tapped on my door and asked if I wanted to talk.  I jumped out of my bed, rush past him and jumped in next to mom.  We talked for hours.  That time with my mom and dad was such a comfort as I walked into marriage.

Monday night as my baby girl got home from college I was in bed with a migraine and what did she do but crawl in right next to me and talked until we both fell asleep.  Then tonight my son stop by for a visit and snuggled up right next to me on the couch.  I hope that their dad and I have been as much of a comfort to them as my parent have been to me.  However, I pray even more that we that always pointed them to the One that is the Great Comforter that will be with them always.

Who has been there to comfort you ?  Who are you comforting ?


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things that Go Bump {God-Sized Dreams}

Here is Holley's challenge for this week: take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream…Find a way to pay it forward. You’ve been encouraged in your God-sized dreams by your sisters here the last few months. How can you spread that encouragement forward by investing in other dreamers? It can be small and simple or BIG and wild. 


The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. 
He will take great delight in you;in his love he will no longer rebuke you, 
but will rejoice over you with singing.”  

                                                                                                 Zephaniah 3:17

The quiet of the night was suddenly awakened with terrorizing cries.  I sat straight up in my
bed.  There was a moment of confusion before I sprinted down the hallway.  Reaching the doorway of my 5 year old’s bedroom I saw him in his bed, on all fours and turning in circles like a dog chasing his tail.  Not knowing what was happening I slowly approached him and quietly called his name.  

The screaming continued.  The ‘tail chasing’ continued.  I realized that even with all the chaos he was sound asleep. This went on for about five minutes and eventually he quieted down, covered back up and was the house was peaceful once again.  What had just happened?  Maybe it was a bad dream?  Maybe it was just something he had eaten?  These were the thoughts that went through my mind.  

However, when I knew there was something more when this scene played out night after night for a full week.  A couple of nights we found him in other rooms of the house.  As a worried momma I called his doctor, asked other moms and searched the internet.  All resources took to the same conclusion: night terrors.  There isn’t much we could do while they are happening except ensure he did not hurt himself.  Finally, after about 6-9 months he seemingly outgrew them.  
Now at 24 he has little to no memory, besides our stories, that those almost night episodes ever happened.  So many times as we slowly take steps to follow our God-Sized dreams we might find ourselves in a tizzy. We have our eyes wide open but unable to see what God is doing behind the scene. However, just as I watched over Anthony, He always has a watchful eye on us.  He is there to protect yet even though He may not save us from the ‘terror’ itself.  No, instead He allows us to fight through to grow and eventually leave it behind.  

Today God the Father is watching over you.  He is there to  encourage you, direct you and yes, even protect you from yourself sometimes.              Rest in that fact but then move forward.

What part of your dream has you in a tizzy?  
I would love to pray for God to give you comfort and direction.


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Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Green {Five-Minute Friday}

Five Minute FridayToday I am joining my friends and Lisa-Jo again for Five Minute Friday. If you’re new here (welcome!) the rules are simple: Write, don’t edit, link your post to her page, and then share the encouragement like wildfire. You can do that, I know you can.

The prompt this week is: Brave

When I was younger, much younger, there was an album (yes I am that old) that I loved for my mom to play.    It had songs like:

Doing the Pegion by Bert and Ernie
I got 2 eyes by Cookie Monster
1-2-3-4 by The Count

But my very favorite was It's Not Easy Being Green by Kermit the Frog.  I think back then I just liked Kermit.  However, when I became a mother and decide to pull out the old album to play for my own little ones just for old times sake.  I begin to really hear the lyrics that my little green friend sang.  I loved the lesson that he was teaching.  Yes it isn't easy being green, looking different or being different in anyway. Kermit first acknowledged that yes things are not easy when you are different but there are are blessings in the differences.  He carries on about how those difference can be seen as and advantage.  By the end of the song Kermie has even decide that he is pretty proud to be green and different.

We all have our own version of being green.  You know the thing that makes is different? That thing that we think makes us stand out, and not in a good way?  What if we looked at ourselves and others with God's eyes.  If we just saw ourselves has He does.  What if we were brave and learned to be the best us He has called us to be?

So my friend be green and proud of it today.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a Short Note {God-Sized Dream}

Here is Holley's challenge for this week: take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream…Write a letter of encouragement to another dreamer in your life.

Dear Tricia,

   I never thought all those years ago, when my family walked through the doors of that little church up on the hill, that God had such a mighty dream waiting. I came in a little batter and very bruised from female friendships of the past. As a teenager, I had place a wall around my heart and vowed to never let anyone (besides family) past that wall. However, when you looked at me you (and a few others) never let that that stop you from loving. You continuously reached out to me and bit by bit knocked that wall away. It was during those times that God restored me. You so beautifully portrayed (and still do) the same type of love for me that He has.

I have watched you to learn what it is like to be a Godly woman. You have been the Titus 2:2 woman to me (since you are a whole 9 days older than me). I have looked to you to learn how to love my husband. Yours and Shane love is so deep, pure and honest. You do not pretend or sugar coat how very hard it is but instead you demonstrate how much it is worth the fight. As a mother you have proven that there is a love that is unconditional. One that both protects and corrects not matter what. I have seen, in you, a endurance that is winning the race.

You ARE my sister dreamer. God has placed in you a dream….A GOD-SIZED DREAM that He has invited you to be a part of. I wish you could look in the mirror, into your own eyes and see what I see. I pray that God would continue to reveal to you just how awesome you really are. That you would see the influence and effect you (yes Him in you) but you never the less do, can and will have for His kingdom.

You know one of my favorite passages is Isaiah 43: 18-19:

But forget all that –
It is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
I am about to do something new.
See I have already begun!


He has been working and preparing you to fly for all these years.  Open your wings and let Him be the wind.
I love you twin !!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not My Friend {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute FridayToday ( really yesterday) I am joining my friends and Lisa-Jo again for Five Minute Friday(well actually Saturday.  I am a day late and many dollars short). If you’re new here (welcome!) the rules are simple: Write, don’t edit, link your post to her page, and then share the encouragement like wildfire. You can do that, I know you can.

The prompt this week is: Friend

Needing some fresh air and sunshine I decided to talk a walk in the local park during my lunch.  Two sweet little girls playing in the sandbox caught my attention so I sat on the bench to watch this young friendship play out.  Then I was shocked when the older girl suddenly stood up, put her hands on her hips and yelled, "You're not my friend."  Then she stomped off to her mom.  The cute little one in the yellow sundress sat there for a minute as if she was thinking,"What did I do." Then she lowered her head, began to cry and slowly walked the opposite direction.  My heart was broken for them both.

I have, at one time or another, been like both of them.  I have been the one that was hurt and I have also been the one that did the hurting.  I wondered the rest of the day what had happened that cause these two to so easily and quickly walk away.  Then I began to think of my own life.  My own friendships.  What had happened in my past relationships that caused me to so easily walk away.  Why had I not tried harder. Why had I not fought to stay close.

I have grown to learn how special and precious friendships are.  How much we need to have those connections to "Jesus with skin on." (Lysa TerKeurst's phrase).

How do you nurture your friendships?  Do you take the time and effort to work on your relationships ?


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Fun {God-Sized Dream}

Here is Holley's challenge for this week: take this “do what you can” step for your God-sized dream…Take some time to play. Do something creative. Snap a picture. Build a Pinterest board. Make a craft. Read a book. Bake a treat. Wrestle with your kids. Whatever energizes you. It can be related to your God-sized Dream in some way or totally different. Sometimes along the way to our dreams we just need a little time to play. It helps us keep going and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Have you ever had one of those weekends that you look forward to for a month or more?  You have such big plans of all the fun and family time you are going to have.  Nothing big like a beach trip but just some time spend together relaxing.  Well this past weekend was suppose to that weekend at my house.  Both of my grown kids would be spending the whole weekend with us, Friday night would be dinner with friends and Sunday we would celebrate my birthday.  As a momma I could not have been more excited.   

Several weeks ago we had some thunderstorms with strong straight line winds that wiped out all of the pine trees in our yard.  My hubby had spend every evening cutting up the downed tree to clean up the mess.  Normally my father-in-law would be right by Mike's side in watch and make sure he didn't get hurt but this one night I decided to be the watchman.  With each cut of the chainsaw a cloud of pollen was released in the air over our heads.  I didn't think much of it until we got closer and closer to the weekend.  I began to feel every particle of pollen settled in my sinus.  I woke up on Wednesday with itchy swollen eyes, stuffy nose, a little cough and major headache.  Thursday was worse but I was determined not to let it ruin my weekend so I went on to work and even to dinner Friday night.  Saturday proved to be the end of my plans.  I spent most the day in bed both Saturday and Sunday.

I have to admit that I was a little upset that things did not work out as I planned but once again God taught me that He knew best. See, as I laid in bed I was able to spend some time helping my daughter search the internet for information she need for a research paper.  That may not have been the most exciting thing either one of us would have planned but I can't tell you how much it meant to me.  Since she turned 20 and is off at school, I have struggled to find where our relationship is.  To have her ask for my help (and accept my instructions) lets me know that she does still need her momma some.  
This is them being silly
We finished up later Saturday evening then my son arrived.  As I heard my two kids just talking and laughing together I knew that no matter what they would each always have someone to watch their back.  They may fuss, fight and yell but they also have a deep everlasting love for one another.  
Then Sunday after Samantha left to go back to school, Anthony sat on the edge of my bed and we got to spend a while talking about things. I am so proud to see how much they have grow.  Not much give a mother more peace than to know her children walk 
with the Lord.

So although the weekend did not go as I had planned, looking back I the only thing I would change would be to have had some softer tissue for my nose.