Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are You Just A Fan ?

“astounded, and they were filled with awe and said.
‘We have seen incredible things today.’” (Luke 5:26)

Here in my home state of Alabama football is the ruling sport, college football to be exact. Just about any baby shower you attend will have at least one that is either crimson and white or orange and blue that either represents the bias of the expecting parents or of the gift giver. A few years later that same child is begins to decide their own allegiance by learning to call out “ROOOOLLLL TIDE” or “WAAR EEAAGLE”. Parents will dress their little girls in cheerleader outfits with hounds tooth and an elephant head or their little boys in football jersey and helmet with the big AU on the side.

Are these people fans or followers?

A fan wears their team colors but a follower will paint his body from head to toe to show his team spirit

A fan can recognize the mascot of their team but a follower knows the story that brought the mascot into being.

A fan might know who the head coach and a few of the star players are but a follower knows the last 5 teams the coach coached at, his record and the 3rd string
quarterbacks uncle’s sister-in-law.

A fan knows if their team is winning this year but a follower has ALL the stats of their team for all of history memorized.

A fan is upset but can still have a nice dinner with friend after a loss but a follower is devastated for days after a loss.

I could go on and on but I want to take a little turn here to ask you, Are you a fan of Christ or a follower of Christ? The difference between the two is as wide as the difference between a fan and a follower of any sports team.

A fan of Christ shows who they “cheer” for only on Sunday and maybe Wednesday but a follower shows Jesus from head to toe everyday.

A fan knows who Jesus is but a follower has a personal relationship with Him.

A fan knows a few bible stories but a follower knows the author of the stories and knows that they are more than just stories.

A fan knows the miracles written in the bible but a follower knows and sees that miracles are still daily occurrence.

A fan politely stands and claps when a soul is saved but a follower is “astounded, and they were filled with awe and said. ‘We have seen incredible things today.’” (Luke 5:26)

So are you just a fan or are you a follower?

What differences do you see between a fan and a follower?