Meet Amy

I grew up knowing about God but not truly knowing God.  I knew Him well enough to run to Him when I was in trouble but not enough to abide in Him through all things.  My ‘fence-sitting’ was just the opportunity Satan needed. Around the age of 12 I began to doubt God’s, my parents or anyone else’s love for me.  I questioned why I was here and if anyone would miss me if I was gone. For the next 15 years I rode the roller coaster that was my life.  I had the high ups of graduating, falling in love, getting married and have two beautiful children coupled with the lows of self-doubt, several suicide attempts and daily questions.


Finally by God's divine appointment, my kids attended a small Christian school where one day my daughter had to play on a softball team out of her age range.  I wasn’t excited about it (but God knew what he was doing). During the season I met a sweet family that had a peace and joy in their lives I had long craved.  Finally one day I inquired what was their source of contentment.  The answer - they knew Jesus in a real and personal way.  On August 12, 2002 their Jesus introduced Himself to me.

I'd like to say that everything in my life changed immediately and I was instantly a faithful follower of Christ.  Truth is for years I remained an acquaintance with Jesus.  I met Him only briefly but we certainly weren't on a first name basis.  I knew Him but not intimately.  He knew my name but I rarely spoke His.

I loved being a part of a church family watching God's miracles of changed lives first hand. But there was a problem …  I was a bit jealous.  I saw other being changed more in a few months than I had in years.  I realized that it was time for me to get serious with God and about God.  I was like a baby still drinking milk when I should have at least begun to eat the pureed veggies.


One day in a radio commercial I heard a pastor read a piece of a bible story where Jesus asked a crippled man, “Do you want to be made well?”  That question stuck in my head the rest of the day. I decided that night to look up the story and found it in John 5.  As I read the question, Do you want to be well? I heard it in my heart more than in my head and I knew God was asking that of me personally.  I bowed my head and answered Yes Lord.  Since then I have continued to pick up my mat and follow Him as closely as I can.

My life profoundly changed. I am a woman who is continually falling in love with God one day at a time.

Today I speak and write to regular girls like me who just want to know if it's possible to have harmony in everyday life. 

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