Monday, January 25, 2010

Hummingbird Head

This past year my dad was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in his groin. (I praise God that in October his scan shown that there were no active cancer cells.) While he was going though his chemo and radiation, treatments his was very weak and did not get out of the house much except to sit on the porch. He had one small hummingbird feeder out there and loved to watch the small birds. After a few weeks, he decided that one feeder was not enough for birds he had so he added a few more all around the yard. One evening I stopped by to visiting with him and I began watching those colorful little birds. They would rocket back and forth from one feeder to another. The funniest thing was to watch one try to dive bomb another to move it out of the way. In the middle of all the hyper-activity, I realize that in the last few weeks my head had felt like those birds were inside there. There were so many different ideas, project and obligations that my head was spinning. All of them were meaningful and most of them are things I love. They were things I wanted to do. Were they the right things for me to be doing? Were they things God had called me to do? Things that would bring Him glory?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calling of a father’s heart

I wrote yesterday about Mike’s heart attack two years ago. I spent those first few days in a semi-shock think what would I have done if he had not made it. (He was only 42 at the time). I have to admit that my thoughts were mainly selfish. I worried about how I would provide for my two children, how would I manage the household, and so many other things. I just did not know how I would carry on. Three days after Mike’s heart attack the nurse had taken him for more testing when the News reported the 2 ½ year old son of a famous local radio personality had drowned the evening before. William Bronner Burgess, son of Rick and Sherri Burgess (The Rick and Bubba Show) had found his way out to the family pool and drowned. I listen to the Rick and Bubba show every morning and they feel at least like friend if not family. As I heard the story continue to unfold, even today, I realize that my concern in facing Mike’s potential death should not have been for myself or even for Mike because our security and salvation were already in Christ. My concern needed to focus on those that are having heart attacks each day whose salvation is not secure. I should hold things and people here on earth with an open hand. I should be willing to let go of it all if it draws one person to a saving faith.
I have not done the true message of Bronner’s death in any justice in my words. Please listen to the following youtube links to hear “A Father’s Heart”:
Sherri Burgess has started writing a new blog that is worth visiting:
Always remember that if Jesus came only to save us He would have taken us to heaven immediately but He has left us here to be about His business of preaching the Gospel and revealing Him to the world

Life's By-Passes

Two years ago this week I was sitting in a hospital room while my husband was recovering from a heart attack. During our week there Mike had been rushed into the ER and then up to surgery, had a stint inserted in one of his arteries, spent two nights in ICU, convinced our daughter (daddy’s little girl) that it was okay to go on the already planned youth trip and was finally moved to a regular room. It was in my first conversation with the doctor after the stint was put in that Dr Parks explained something amazing to me. He told me that sometime in the past Mike had a previous heart attack. The “old” attack had been on the backside of his heart and had created a natural by-pass. He drew a diagram that demonstrated how new capillaries had grown off of either side of the blocked artery past the area that contained plaque built up and then reconnected so that the blood continues to flow.
As I have sat reflecting and being so thankful that God still has a plan for Mike and decide to allow us more time together, I thought of how that natural by-pass in his heart is such an illustration of our walk with God. We can be following God’s plan just flowing freely and then “things” began to build up in front of us that disrupts that flow. Those things that block the fellowship between us and God can be family, friends, works, church ministries, hobbies and so many more. Just like Mike’s heart we can decide to let that blockage attack us and kill us or we can look for the by-passes God always provides.
Are you allowing a blockage to be built up in your relationship with Christ? Are you looking for God’s natural by-passes that will bring you back to Him?

Monday, January 11, 2010


In the event that you have been living in a cave for the last five days or if you just do not listen to any type of sports cast, I have an announcement to share with you:

You may think the picture above was taken at the game, but it was not. So maybe you think it might have been taken of the crowd at a pep rally before the game, but it was not. No this large group of fans had lined the fence standing in the freezing cold at the airport just hoping for a opportunity to see the newly crowned champs exit they chartered plane walk a few feet and board the bus. As the players walked past waving, the crowd cheered. They yelled. They all hoped that they might be able to get a picture of Mark Ingram, the Heisman trophy winner or Coach Saban. I, myself, am a big football fan but watching this scene played out over and over on the various newscasts made me question the value we place on material things.

▪ A championship sports team flys in … we stand for hours in below freezing temperatures.
A town square march against abortion … we say it is to cold to come out in support.
▪ The BCS coach’s trophy is on display … 6000 people stand in line just to have picture made.
We are asked to serve meal at the local mission … our old knee injury hurts to bad to stand.
▪ Sports Illustrated BCS special edition comes out … we almost rub the ink off the pages by flipping through the pages ever minute we can.
Our Bibles … sit on our tables or in our cars untouched day after day.

Where is my focus? Where is yours? Are you more excited by a sports team victory than you are about what God is doing in lives around you and in your own life?

· I have used the Alabama football championship only as an example.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tune-up Time

When I was younger I enjoyed being a part of our church’s youth choir. There was one special song that we all enjoyed learning. Even though I have been unable to remember the name, the exact words or tune to the song, I have not forgotten the meaning/story. The story has spoken volume to my heart over the years. It tells of an old neglected violin that is the last item to be sold at a small country auction. The auctioneer just wanted to sell it and close the door for the night, so he offered it up for one dollar. Then he asked “who’ll make two, its just one dollar more. Come on who’ll give me three.” Although he repeated the calling over and over no one gave a bit. Finally an older gentleman quietly stepped out of the crowd and picked up the bow and violin. He spent a few minutes blowing the dust off and turning the pegs until he ultimately pulled the bow across those string. The people all stood in silence as the sweet sounding notes filled the air. Once he had completed the song, the gentleman softly laid the violin back on the table and returned to his seat. The auctioneer broke the stillness by beginning the bid asking, “Who’ll give me one thousand, who’ll make it two- just one thousand more. Now who’ll make it three?” The crowd questioned, “What made the change in the price. We don’t understand.” The auctioneer simply replied “It’s been touched by the master’s hand.”

Have you been touched by the true Master’s Hand? Have you allowed God to tune you with His word everyday so that you can bring harmony and joy to those around you? As we start the New Year spend some time reflecting on the thing in your life that may be out of tune. The things that are not allowing you to bring beautiful music to life. Over 2010 allow Him to reach into your life to bring all those thing together for His glory.

Monday, January 4, 2010

M.I.A – Missing in Action

I need to apologize for being gone for so long. I do not have any excuses but I will share with you my reasons:
1. After I finished my 2 prior post in which I shared my “junk”, I reviewed all that I had written and read the comments that I received in return and honestly I was just a bit overwhelmed. I was not expecting such tender loving responses for all of you. So I just had to take a little time to regain my thoughts.
2. Then the hussle and bussle of Christmas came. I spent time with family in a much more quiet and reflective way than we have in the past. It was so nice to move back closer to the true meaning of Christmas.
3. When I finally sat down to spend some time at the computer reconnecting, I discovered that my home computer has a severe virus. I delivered it to the repairman today and I am praying that it can be saved.
With all that said I plan to begin posting again later this week if I can borrow a computer or sneak some time on the office computer.