Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life's By-Passes

Two years ago this week I was sitting in a hospital room while my husband was recovering from a heart attack. During our week there Mike had been rushed into the ER and then up to surgery, had a stint inserted in one of his arteries, spent two nights in ICU, convinced our daughter (daddy’s little girl) that it was okay to go on the already planned youth trip and was finally moved to a regular room. It was in my first conversation with the doctor after the stint was put in that Dr Parks explained something amazing to me. He told me that sometime in the past Mike had a previous heart attack. The “old” attack had been on the backside of his heart and had created a natural by-pass. He drew a diagram that demonstrated how new capillaries had grown off of either side of the blocked artery past the area that contained plaque built up and then reconnected so that the blood continues to flow.
As I have sat reflecting and being so thankful that God still has a plan for Mike and decide to allow us more time together, I thought of how that natural by-pass in his heart is such an illustration of our walk with God. We can be following God’s plan just flowing freely and then “things” began to build up in front of us that disrupts that flow. Those things that block the fellowship between us and God can be family, friends, works, church ministries, hobbies and so many more. Just like Mike’s heart we can decide to let that blockage attack us and kill us or we can look for the by-passes God always provides.
Are you allowing a blockage to be built up in your relationship with Christ? Are you looking for God’s natural by-passes that will bring you back to Him?

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