Monday, January 11, 2010


In the event that you have been living in a cave for the last five days or if you just do not listen to any type of sports cast, I have an announcement to share with you:

You may think the picture above was taken at the game, but it was not. So maybe you think it might have been taken of the crowd at a pep rally before the game, but it was not. No this large group of fans had lined the fence standing in the freezing cold at the airport just hoping for a opportunity to see the newly crowned champs exit they chartered plane walk a few feet and board the bus. As the players walked past waving, the crowd cheered. They yelled. They all hoped that they might be able to get a picture of Mark Ingram, the Heisman trophy winner or Coach Saban. I, myself, am a big football fan but watching this scene played out over and over on the various newscasts made me question the value we place on material things.

▪ A championship sports team flys in … we stand for hours in below freezing temperatures.
A town square march against abortion … we say it is to cold to come out in support.
▪ The BCS coach’s trophy is on display … 6000 people stand in line just to have picture made.
We are asked to serve meal at the local mission … our old knee injury hurts to bad to stand.
▪ Sports Illustrated BCS special edition comes out … we almost rub the ink off the pages by flipping through the pages ever minute we can.
Our Bibles … sit on our tables or in our cars untouched day after day.

Where is my focus? Where is yours? Are you more excited by a sports team victory than you are about what God is doing in lives around you and in your own life?

· I have used the Alabama football championship only as an example.

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  1. This Girlfriend is POWERFUL! I love it...and won't be go from here unchanged for reading it and allowing God to work it into my heart.