Monday, January 25, 2010

Hummingbird Head

This past year my dad was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in his groin. (I praise God that in October his scan shown that there were no active cancer cells.) While he was going though his chemo and radiation, treatments his was very weak and did not get out of the house much except to sit on the porch. He had one small hummingbird feeder out there and loved to watch the small birds. After a few weeks, he decided that one feeder was not enough for birds he had so he added a few more all around the yard. One evening I stopped by to visiting with him and I began watching those colorful little birds. They would rocket back and forth from one feeder to another. The funniest thing was to watch one try to dive bomb another to move it out of the way. In the middle of all the hyper-activity, I realize that in the last few weeks my head had felt like those birds were inside there. There were so many different ideas, project and obligations that my head was spinning. All of them were meaningful and most of them are things I love. They were things I wanted to do. Were they the right things for me to be doing? Were they things God had called me to do? Things that would bring Him glory?


  1. Hi, I just read your comment on Renee Swope's blog and can relate to that fear of being prideful! Isn't it amazing how just when we move past one fear or doubt a new one steps in! Keep trusting in Him and what He is calling you to do! If you know it's what He has for you, others will as well. Trust me friend I'm saying these words to myself as well - sometimes it makes more sense when I say it for another though!! Blessings, Jill

  2. I have had exact seasons of similar pressure, sister. In many ways, I'm in one right now. They only thing I know to do to make sense of it all is to, first, make time for God and, second, keep whittling away at the immediate until God prompts me otherwise. And my immediate is rather large right now.

    God's strength is enough for us. He leads the way; he backs us from behind. We are to find ourselves nestled somewhere in between.

    A good place to rest this night.


  3. Praying for you right now! DO NOT LET THE BULLY WIN!! He is obviously threatened by you and what God is going to do through you at your first speaking event! Rebuke him in the name of Jesus and soak in all that God has already done to prepare you for this message.

    Can't wait to hear how God shows up for you. So proud of you for pressing through and being an available vessel for HIS glory!!