Thursday, January 21, 2010

Calling of a father’s heart

I wrote yesterday about Mike’s heart attack two years ago. I spent those first few days in a semi-shock think what would I have done if he had not made it. (He was only 42 at the time). I have to admit that my thoughts were mainly selfish. I worried about how I would provide for my two children, how would I manage the household, and so many other things. I just did not know how I would carry on. Three days after Mike’s heart attack the nurse had taken him for more testing when the News reported the 2 ½ year old son of a famous local radio personality had drowned the evening before. William Bronner Burgess, son of Rick and Sherri Burgess (The Rick and Bubba Show) had found his way out to the family pool and drowned. I listen to the Rick and Bubba show every morning and they feel at least like friend if not family. As I heard the story continue to unfold, even today, I realize that my concern in facing Mike’s potential death should not have been for myself or even for Mike because our security and salvation were already in Christ. My concern needed to focus on those that are having heart attacks each day whose salvation is not secure. I should hold things and people here on earth with an open hand. I should be willing to let go of it all if it draws one person to a saving faith.
I have not done the true message of Bronner’s death in any justice in my words. Please listen to the following youtube links to hear “A Father’s Heart”:
Sherri Burgess has started writing a new blog that is worth visiting:
Always remember that if Jesus came only to save us He would have taken us to heaven immediately but He has left us here to be about His business of preaching the Gospel and revealing Him to the world


  1. Good morning, Amy! I am so glad you visited me. Elaine's blog is awesome, and she is great woman of God.

    I was surprised to see that you live in North Alabama. I live in Huntsville and remember the sad story of that precious little one's drowning.

    Blessings, and please stay in touch!


  2. What a beautiful blog you have! I admire your work with the ministry. I, too, was deeply touched at the way Rick & Sherri have handled the loss of their son. I'm not sure that I could have had the courage that they have shown. I look forward to reading more your story. Thanks for visiting my "groovy" blog. :)

  3. Holding people and things with an open hand...

    How very true.

    Thank you for sharing. Comes to me in a tender time. A good word.


  4. Hi Amy! Wow! I think I was suppose to read your words today: "I am to hold people and things with an open hand". I think you gave me a wake up call just before I was about to give in to some depression. Thank you!

    Sometimes we will not understand the things on this earth, but God does and He has made a way!!!!!!

    Lee Ann