Thursday, May 13, 2010


I had not really planned anything to post tonight but after completing the two bible studies that I am in and then surfing several of my favorite blogs I noticed a recuring theme... our thoughts that we think/say towards ourselves. Why is it that we can believe every promise that God speaks in His word for others but not take it to heart for ourselves ?

  • I can comfort a hurting friend by reminding her that she is a daughter of the most High King but not act like I am also His daughter.
  • I can tell others that they are made perfect in His image but each morning I look in the mirror only to see each new wrinkle or gray hair.
  • I can go on and on to my children about how God has a plan for their lives even quoting Jer 29:11 over and over to them but if they hear me say that I can't teach a class or take on a job at the church that needs to be done, what have I taught them.

I have recently become more aware that the words I speak to myself not only beat me up and effect me but they also reach out to others like the ripples in a pond. The one small pebble of negative self-talk I throw out can continue on.

What are some of the words you speak to yourself ? Are they truth? Do they reflect the new creature you are in Christ? If not, why?

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  1. Oh, that is such an excellent one small pebble of negative self-talk can reach out like ripples to those around us. Makes me want to change my thinking all the more!

    I STRUGGLE with this one! It is just like you said, I can encourage others with God's Word, but I struggle with believing it for myself. So thankful the Lord is opening our eyes to see that we have got to start believing His truths for ourselves, too!