Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just a Flask of Oil

God has taught me so much in the last month about His ways. Today's post is all about how He takes what we have to bring about our miracle.  You can go back here to see how this series all began. And here to see how our faith may or may not be our cause for desperation. 

2 “What can I do to help you?” Elisha asked. “Tell me, what do you have in the house?”
“Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil,” she replied.

Have you ever thought you could pull yourself out of a desperate situation if you just had "IT".  Whatever you think the "IT" is, you are convinced that you don't possess it.  You are sure that your circumstances will never change.

When I heard the news that I would be losing my job in 2013 I was strong I was sure I God had a plan and before long I would have a new position and life would go on.  Then a month passed by.  I sent out dozens of resumes, filled out profiles on numerous job sites and networked with others but nothing came.  Still I was sure God's plan was in place.  Finally, I not only got a call for an interview but I felt it went great.  I was comfortable with the questions they asked and the answers I gave.  I walked out feeling very sure that I had the job.  Then one week later I opened my email to see that HR dept had forwarded me a short and simple "No Thank you" form letter.  After that contact is when my feelings of despair began.  Then God took me to the scripture that I am sharing with you this week and especially the verse I am focusing on today.

In verse 2 Elisha ask the women what she has in her house. That seemed like a strange question. Do you not think that in order to save her sons from being taken she had already sold everything she had? She was desperate and destitute.  She had nothing left. NOTHING.  What part of that did Elisha not understand? I think he did understand but she wanted her to change her focus.  He wanted her to see what she did have to offer for God to work with. He was going to take something that she already had to bring about her miracle.  Her little offering would be multiplied like the fish and loaves of bread were.

What she had was just a small flask of oil. During these times this olive oil was not the same oil we use today. It was very valuable and could easily be exchange for currency. We could compare it to diamonds or gold in today's marketplace. (Many commentaries also believe that the oil is a representation of the Holy Spirit.)  What if she had continued to insist to Elisha that she didn't have anything? 

I asked yesterday to think about what your desperate situation is. Today I want you to think about what do you “have in the house” that God may use to bring about your miracle? As I look at my current situation I began to take inventory of my marketable skills. I asked a few friends and co-workers what skill they saw in me that I may have missed. God started showing me how He may use what I already have.

Several years ago I took a continued education class in project management. This class has little value in my current position but I have noticed in my job search that there are many openings that are looking for this knowledge as a secondary skill. God used the widow’s small flask of oil to bring about her miracle. He will also use the knowledge, contacts and/or other provisions that He has blessed me with in the past to bring about my miracle of the future.

So what do you have in already that you can/will offer to God to work through this current valley?  Tomorrow I'll share with you about how there maybe some work God will expect you to do on your own before He begins to do His part.

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