Monday, April 19, 2010

Will you be my # 3 ?

When I read this post on the Proverb 31 ministries website, I knew God was nudging me to post and ask if you all would join in to become another strand in my braid.
I have recently joined a First Place 4 Health at our church to try once again to lose the same 25-50 pounds that I have lost 100 times before. After just two meetings and listening to the others that have gone through this program, I have realized that this program addresses on more than just the physical. That is the meaning of the #4 in the program name. God made us all mental, physical, emotional and spiritual beings. So as we meet each week we are discussing and addressing each of these areas in order to heal the whole person. Now having said all that this is where I need each of you to join in: my family is the first strand in my fight, my 1st place group is the 2nd strand and I would love for my blog friends to be my 3rd strand. I am simply asking that you pray for my total health as I progress through this program. I have realized that my weight is out of balance because my focus is out of balance. I do not plan to turn this blog into a weight loss site even though I will give updates now and again. What I do want to share is what God teaches me along this journey. Following is a short summary of what I have learned in this week’s bible study. (Remember I never claimed to be a great writer)

Deuteronomy 30:19 – This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

God has given use all we need for us to walk through the life/calling that His has for us but it is up to us to choose to live that life. There are small choices that we make each day, hour and even every minute that will lead us to death or to life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or a combination of all. God has given me the free will to chose. It is up to me to decide to choose life. However, if I make pick incorrectly and began to head to towards death I will have to deal with the imbalance that it causes. And just like a car that has it’s tires out of balance we have to go to the mechanic for service and correct, we have to go back to our focus on God and the right tools he has given to us to correct that imbalance.

As I am daily re-focusing on God to bring all areas of my life back into balance I ask that you join me as my third strand. That we all become braided together as sisters to strengthen one another in all areas to uplift and encourage the whole beings that we are.

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  1. The precious words my Jesus keeps whispering to my heart these past few days...'focus on me' and 'seek balance'...and so it is NO coincidence I am here this morning...and so I definitely want to join you and pray for you and see God's most amazing work in you and through you my friend.

    Dear Jesus thank You for creating Amy...she is beautiful...its the only way You design Lord! Be her everything, remind her of Your amazing love...and continue to love on her, thank You Jesus, we love You, Amen!