Monday, March 29, 2010

So much yet so little

There are has been so much going on around here the last few weeks yet I have done little to no writing. I would like to blame it on lack of time but the truth is I just have not been able wrap my mind around it all and find the right words. So I thought tonight I would just share a few things and try to give more details later.

In the last 7 days I visited 3 different hospitals with 7 different patients.

  • 1st Hospital
  • Friday 3/19 - He dad had surgery to repair lymph nodes that have not healed from having a cancerous tumor removed back in October. What was suppose to be a 15 to 30 min surgery ended up lasting 2 1/2 hours and he had to stay over night.
  • Friday 3/19 - On my way home, I stopped by to sit with a friend at the hospital. The friends brother -in-law had been in a severe car wreck and he had been in trauma ICU for 21 days. I will not share any more since I do not have the families permission. Please remember this family in your prayers.
  • Saturday 3/20 - Samantha and I stopped to visit with our friend again. Samantha was wanting to visit with her daughter.
  • 2nd Hospital
  • Saturday 3/20 - My son, Anthony, flew back in from his mission trip in Nicaragua. As we sat on the couch looking at pictures on his camera I noticed that his feet look a little different. As we investigated a little further we noticed that both feet were swollen all the way up to his knees. Due to the fact that he had been in a different country, had cuts on his legs and had been in the water we decided it was best to take him to the ER to be tested. Praise God, after 4.5 hours we finally saw a doctor. They checked for blood clots, infection and parasites but nothing was found. The doctors all agreed that it had to be from the flight altitude.
  • Saturday 3/20 - As we entered the ER with my son I notice a lady on the phone in the waiting room that looked so familiar, it was my sister-in-law. She was waiting on my nephew to be moved to a room. He had been 4-wheeler riding earlier that day and had wrecked. They had run MRIs, X-rays and CT scan to find that he had dislocated his shoulder (the same one that has already had 3 surgeries on it ), he had 4 broken ribs, ruptured his lung and was cut up all over his back.
  • 3rd Hospital
  • Tuesday 3/23 - Mom had to have an arteriogram on her carotid artery. Since Dad was still recovering from his operation is was difficult for him to stay with her all day so I got him to stay home and I went with her The doctor found that it was 80% blocked and she would need surgery to "clean it out."
  • Wednesday 3/24 - One of Mike's dear friend had a heart attack so we went to visit him. Ever since Mike had his heart attack 2 1/2 years ago he makes sure he takes the time to go visit whenever he can.
  • Friday 3/26 - Mom had her surgery. Dad was feeling better so he was able to go to the hospital this time. I had to leave once she was settled in a room to help Samantha get dressed for her prom.

As crazy as this all sounds I have been so blessed during it all.

  • I have seen the faith and trust in God grow in the hearts of my friends as the wait for their loved on to recover on blink of the eye or one movement of the hand at a time.
  • I was able to to feel as if I could do just a little to thank my mom and dad for all they gave me growing up by being there when they needed some help.
  • I have seen God remind my nephew that a former Marine is not bullet proof when a 4-wheeler is involved
  • I have also been reminded in my heart that when all is said and done nothing in this world matters except Christ and showing His love for one another.

Take time today to show those in your life how much they mean to you.


  1. Words of wisdom shared here today! Thank you Amy for living God out loud! Praying for you as He speaks to you about She Speaks!!!

  2. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to break free from our words to live those words! Sounds like that's what you've been doing.

    Keep to it, sister. God is using you in ways you cannot see right now. Be his light wherever you go and carry his kingdom witness all the more.