Monday, March 1, 2010

Personal Branding

In my "real paying" job I had to attend a sort of "state of the company" presentation last week. During the presentation, the Vice-President of Marketing addressed the crowd explaining the future marketing plan. She talked a lot about the company's brand and how it would be used in commercials, billboards and all types of marketing promotions. So what exactly is a corporate brand? According to this VP, a corporate brand is a statement that answers the question: What positive change the company is trying to create in the world. Then that Brand statement becomes the guide. It is the "North Star."

What is your personal Brand statement?
Can others recognize your personal brand as well as they do these corporate brands?
UPS …. What can brown do for you?
Wal-Mart …. Save money. Live Better
Mary Kay … Enriching Women's Lives
I am striving everyday to make my brand … Jesus is my all … know to all those around me.

Again, What is your brand?


  1. that is great news

  2. That is really something to think about. Our brand is everything to our Almighty God. Deb

  3. Amy,thanks for your post on branding. My brand is, "helping women to become the woman God created them to be."
    Love your Blog!!
    Kim Kaberle