Monday, March 8, 2010

Calmed Nerves

Last week was full ( that is the easiest way to say it). The days were packed with month end financial close on my "real paying job", learning a new task at said "real paying job", decorating the church sanctuary and fellowship hall for a community wide Women's conference, purchasing food for the conference luncheon, preparing my testimony to be given at the conference and still doing all my wife and motherly duties. Because of all these things by Saturday I was just full of nervousness. I was to the point of making myself sick so I went to a restroom out of the major traffic to try to gather myself some. I wanted to be alone but I wasn't. Nope. No matter where I went I wasn't alone because He was with me and when I was finally still and quiet He spoke to me. He reminded me that this conference was not mine. Successful or not the conference out come had NOTHING to do with the decorations, the food, the music, the dramas or the words spoken but had everything to do with the hearts that He would touch. Hearts the He had already been dealing with. Once He spoke those words to my heart I walked out of the restroom and the whole atmosphere of the building was different. My nerves were calm and I was ready to be fully used for His glory.

Since I was the last of three speakers I was able to just sit back, relax and be amazed watching Him work, watching His Spirit move from one lady to another. I know that He cared enough to meet me in a small restroom just to calm my fear and nerve.

PS. Just wanted to add a little THANK YOU to all that prayed for me and for this event. This was the first speaking event that I have had and your prayers were truly felt. There were about 65 ladies that heard how God will walk you through any storm from hopelessness to hope filled. ( There were also about 10 men that were there to help run sound, fix lunches and park cars that listened too)


  1. Way to go girl! Living on purpose completely dependent on His make Our God proud my friend! Knowing He is still speaking to the hearts of the women who heard the story you were willing to share...He will do great things with your obedience! Hugs my friend!

  2. Hi, Amy! God is so faithful! He always breathes His presence into our lives when we most need it.

    I appreciate your faith and love for God. You're an inspiring woman of God!

    Much love, and many blessings,


  3. Congratulations on your first speaking event. I am sure the Lord used it to bring Himself much glory!