Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Agenda ... Changed

In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps.
Proverbs 16:9

I am a list person, one that loves to have a plan, and has to know the agenda for the event before I attend. I even begin asking my husband mid-week what his plans are for the weekend. Maybe it is that I want to feel like I have some control issue. Maybe it is just a “have to know” issue. No matter what the reason is, I always feel uneasy walking into the unknown situations. I just want to be prepared for anything that may come up. Growing up I, like many little girls, had my wedding and my marriage all planned. I had plans for my career. I had plans for my kids. I had a plan...but God (those two small words both thrill me and terrify me) had different plans than we do for our lives.

• I never planned on my mother in law, one of my closest mentors, passing away while my kids were still young.
• I never planned on Mike having a heart attack at 42 and having to change our lifestyle because of it.
• I never planned on my dad having to fight cancer.
• I never planned on so many things that we are facing both personally and as a nation.

However, as I study the bible more I realized that God is not only in the life changing business but He also changes plans.

• Noah never planned to built an ark
• Abraham never planned on becoming the father of a new nation
• David didn't just wake up one morning as a teenager and plan to
become the king
• Esther never planned to be used by God to stop the genocide of her people
• Mary never planned to be pregnant outside of marriage
• Peter never planned to ever leave his fishing business
• Paul never planned that one day he would travel around the nation
spreading the news of Jesus
and John the Baptist ushered Jesus in as Lord. In John's mind, Jesus had come to be a Warrior King. That He would be the one that would set Israel free from the bondage and oppression of the Romans. But God (there are those two words again) had other plans.

God not only changed the plans of those people He changed their hearts. He taught them lessons. The restored to them more than what they thought they had lost.

What plan are you holding on to that God wants to change? Are you willing to step out and follow Him even when you do not know the plan?



  1. I enjoyed your post and the questions posed here. This is so true. It is comforting to know God has a plan and He knows what is best and we need to follow Him, even when we may not understand.

    Thanks for visiting at Laced with Grace today and your comment.

  2. The unseen plans of our lives... we'd never be able to think them up! Thankfully, God is at work in our hearts to bring goodness out of every situation. The key is leaning into our learning in the midst of struggle. Hang in there, Amy. The best is yet to be.


  3. I am a list maker also. I know that lately God has been working in my heart and changing both my heart and my plans. I like all the Biblical examples you used here. I have been encouraged in my journey once again. Blessings.

  4. Amy, God has truly done an "Amazing" thing in you!!! He truly is using you in a mighty way to be ministering to women the exact things that God knows that they need....and it is ALL about you surrendering to Him completely. God Bless You, Sister. I love you!!!