Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just Obey {God-Sized Dream}

Before I move into my God-Sized Dream post for the day I have to express my deepest sympathy and uplifting prayers for the victims of the bombings in Boston along with the whole City of Boston.

 Here is Holley's challenge for this week “Sometimes we feel alone not because we need to be with others but because God wants to be with us. Our lives are busy–especially when we’re pursuing a dream–and God may want to pull us aside for a bit” {You’re Made for a God-sized Dream, Chapter Six}. The most important part of any God-sized dream is the Giver of it. Set aside a particular time this week to be with Him–to pray, journal, take a walk or simply sit quietly and listen. Write a post sharing what your heart hears or receives then link it up next week.


I was startled as the phone rang. Would this be the call I had been dreaming would come one day but was only half-heartedly expecting. I took a quick glace at the caller ID and tried to answer in my most professional voice, while my insides were quivering. She and I talked for a few minutes discussing date, time and place. We went over what she was looking for and what I had to offer. We wished each other a good and hung up. YES !!!! God is faithful. I finally had my very first real speaking event on the calendar.

Once I did a little happy dance, called my husband and friends reality hit. This was my first real speaking event. With reality came fear. I have taught my bible study group almost every Sunday night for 3+ years. I have spoken at several of my own church’s events. I even spoke at one local non-profit event. Some reason this seemed different from the beginning. As I begin to study and practice my talk, I continually felt very inadequate. I kept hearing my own voice in my head telling me, “Your words won’t matter. What you say will not change a thing.”

Then I got Holley’s challenge for us to get alone with God. For us to listen for His voice above others, even our own. I fully expected that God was going to change my message. I tried to cut out certain stories or reword my sentences. I prayed that He would just give me new scripture to teach and new stories to tell. Instead, He simply and wonderfully gave me a new attitude through an old familiar story. The story of Noah and the ark.

One verse in that story especially stood out, Genesis 7:16. Part b of that verse to be specific.

"Then the Lord closed the door behind them."

With this short phrase of a verse, God gave me peace and calmed my spirit. See I am not responsible for how the women at the event receive the message I give. I have no control on how they allow that message to effect their lives after the event. I am only to obey the calling He has given to me. Then end the end He will be the one that will close the door. That is not a burden I have to carry…at least not fully or alone.


  1. Great stuff, Amy! I'm so thrilled for you! May God's peace be with you as you speak at this event. You're so shining for Him!

  2. Wow, what incredible insight! I LOVE it...that our responsibility is obedience. And He takes care of the results...I love how God took a verse that most of us would have swept right on by and used it to bring peace. And, congratulations on your *first* speaking event! :) (Just so you know, I think you are incredibly brave for being a public speaker...I so admire those who can get up in front of a group and passionately communicate a message. When is the big day? Praying for you!)