Friday, October 23, 2009

Faithful in little

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'" Matthew 25:21

This week God has just knocked me over with a lesson I should have learned a long time ago. Back in the summer of 2008 God called me to to began sharing my story of depression, bi-polar, suicide attempts and His saving love, grace and mercy. I spoke a couple of times to our church during special services but God was calling me to do more. In December 2008 I finally agreed with God and even shared with my women's group that I was going to start a speaking ministry. Then I waited and waited and waited. I waited for the right words to come. I waited for an opportunity to speak to be opened to me but these things never came. I prayed for the last several months asking God why he called me to this ministry and then shut all the doors. I felt so lost and alone not able to hear His reply. Finally, early this week as I read the Parable of the Talents, a story I have heard and read since I was little I heard my answer for God. His direct and clear words were, " How can I trust you in the bigger ministry I have called you to if you are not faithful to the little things I have called you to." See there are things that God has told me to do such as speak to a certain person, buy someone groceries or spend more time with Him. These are the small things that I have not been faithful in so therefore, He has not given me the bigger calling. I compare it to a parent not allowing a child to go to a party because they have not fulfilled the agreement to clean their room. Since I have learned this lesson and taken it to heart by asking my Father to forgive me He has opened several doors.


  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my blog. I know exactly what it means to wait on the calling you believe fully God has called you to, but has not stepped you through yet. You are absolutely right about being faithful in the little things. By being faithful in the little things we are preparing ground for the harvest. Praying with you and for you

  2. Amy,

    I found your blog via Joy's Ponderings. This is such a powerful lesson--one that we should all know and abide by. This will definitely be one that I meditate on for a while. Thanks!

    Prayers and blessings,

  3. That is such an awesome testimony to how God works in us! It is so easy to get out of balance, especially on the everyday smaller things, because we are so focused on the Big things (in our mind anyway).

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog today. I emailed you a message.

    Blessings to you,
    Lee Ann

  4. Amy this is a GREAT post...and such a super duper reminder for faithfulness and obedience in every step we take in our Journey! Praying for you and knowing that He will grow you and this amazing minsitry to build His Kingdom!

  5. A very good "learning", especially when we are desperately trying to be faithful to God's calling upon our lives! I've learned this one... over and over again, and am now finally content to simply say "whatever God" and truly mean it!

    Thanks for stopping by and weighing in. Love the pic's of your daughter; yes, she is beautiful.