Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuck in the Swamp Again

We have a beautiful pond in front of our house. This pond is feed by a small stream that flows through our yard underground. Most of the time the stream goes unnoticed that is until we have a large amount of rain falls in a short time, then it becomes swamp like. This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago. Because of the rain, the grass grown and needed had to be cut. While Mike did the trim work with the weed-eater I rode the new and larger than normal John Deere lawnmower. In my attempt to complete the whole two and a half acres in one day, I thought that the “swamp” was dry enough to drive through. Boy was I ever wrong. After a couple of attempts to go forward, back up, turn the wheel one way, and then turn the wheel another way, I had to admit I was stuck. I yelled for Mike to come help get me out. He hooked the 4-wheeler to the front of the mower, and pulled it slowly out of the thick muck and mire. After he checked it to make sure nothing was wrong he said, “Finish the rest of the lawn. I’ll take care of this part later.” I cut a few more rounds, all the time trying to think of how to get the tall unsightly grass cut out of the swamp. I knew Mike had said don’t worry about it but he had his hands full weed-eating the ditches, around the trees, and all the way around the pond by himself. So, yes, you guessed it. I decided to wander off into the swamp again, and yes, I got stuck again. I called for Mike’s help, and although I knew he was a little upset and a lot frustrated with me, he came to my rescue. Once he had pulled the now mud-brown John Deere out of the swamp, he asked, “Why did you drive through there again?” I replied, “I thought if I went in at a different angle I would be able to make it through.”

As I finished cutting the lawn, away from the swamp, God revealed to me that my tendency to look at some sins in the same way I viewed that swamp. I thought if I tried to go into a sinful area at a different angle and with a different attitude, or perhaps days later, I would make it through on my own. Yet, just as with the swamp, I continue to find myself stuck and trying to maneuver my own way out. It is not until I call on God that I am finally pulled from the miry clay and set back on solid ground.

I have been stuck in a sin swamp many times. At times I have tried to go back into a situation at a different angle. Once knee-deep and unable to free myself I realize that it is only God who can rescue me. He needs only to hear me call out to him, and He reaches down to pull me out of that muck and mire I had gotten myself in to.

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  1. I so understand this. I have tried to resuscitate my relationship with my ex so many times and by so many different ways. But it was not God's plan and it didn't work. I am starting to learn to let go and let God. He knows what is best for me and can fix my relationship if that is the best option for me. Thanks for reminding me other people understand and go through the same thing.