Monday, February 8, 2010

We have time in the morning to sit in front of my mirror to put on make-up to cover all the “flaws” we see
but we do not have time to look in the Word to be reminded that we am fearfully and wonderfully made.

We have time to communicate via phone, text, facebook, email and a number of other ways
but we do not have time to talk to my Heavenly Father.

We have time to stand in the kitchen to cook meals and desserts to feed my physical hunger
but we do not have the time to sit still to be feed spiritually.

We have time to wait in line to be served by a tired and weary salesperson
but we don’t have time to sit with the Bible before us to learn how to serve others.

We have time to spend watching my favorite television show
but we do not have time to just be still and know Him.
We have time to work those extra hours in order to purchase earthly treasures
but we do not have time to work to lay up treasures in Heaven.

We have time to do all the hobbies that we want to do
but we do not have the time to thank the God that gives you those abilities.

I realized these things above after reading a wonderful letter that Elaine over at Peace for the Journey had written on her blog to a friend that she was going to be gifting a new bible to. That letter showed me that He could work so much more in my life if I knew Him better and to know Him better I have to spend time with Him. The way to spend time with Him is to read the Word that He has given to us.


  1. Taking time for the Divine... best over good. Live it!


  2. Wow! Such a powerful post Amy! A great reminder of what is the most important. Spending time with my Heavenly Father compares to nothing else.