Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Comfort or His Calling

There is a small store front church on Main Street in our small town. This church always has some of the most thought provoking quotes on their sign. The quote I noticed this morning has been stuck in my mind, “God is more concerned with you calling than He is with your comfort.” I believe the reason this has really gotten to me is because I have been tossing and turning God’s calling on my life over in my mind the last couple of weeks. I have tried to blame these unsettling feelings on Satan but after reading that sign I think God may be trying to make me focus more on my calling than my comfort. As I have mentioned before about 2 years ago God called me to begin speaking to women. He has called me to share my testimony and encourage others that they are worthy in Him. I was fine with that calling as long as it was just a calling that I was working towards. However, my calling is becoming real now. I have my first speaking event scheduled for March and now I am not so comfortable. I have had all sort of doubts, fears and worries flow in and out of my head. There are things that I had not originally written in my testimony that He is telling me to share. Things that I am not comfortable with yet. The church sign stands as reminder that I am to follow His calling and He will handle the rest. Please pray for me to continue chose to follow His calling rather than settle in my comfort.
Which do you chose – calling or comfort? What things make you uncomfortable in following in His calling on your life? How can I pray for you this week


  1. Hi, Amy!
    How wonderful to "meet" you! :)
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment at my blog. It is always an encouragement to hear that others have struggled with the same things...such as feelings of unworthiness! Can't tell you how big of a struggle that has been my whole life!

    I will be praying for you as you prepare for your first speaking engagement! How awesome for you to be able to share with others what the Lord has done in your life! I have such a heart for women to hear the truth of His love! And I am still learning about the amazing depths of it! I know these ladies will be blessed as you share His goodness with them!

    Praying for peace for your heart and mind! Praying for the Lord to quiet the voices that would discourage you...be it your own heart or the enemy! I have recently started teaching Sunday School and have had to battle such insecurities! May He strengthen you according to His Word!
    Kimberly :)

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog! After I read your post, I remembered reading this today, and I think it's for you:

    "If the love of Christ is in your heart, you, too, will find that you will have the courage to do whatever he directs you to do." (from the Women's Devotional Bible)

    Be encouraged, friend!
    :) Michelle

  3. Calling! 100%. It's where the water is most real, teaming with the life-giving force of Almighty God. Don't miss it sister, even when your faith is called upon to grow and increase. Don't let fear keep you from doing what God has called you to do. Stand on the truth of his Word and you cannot fail. I understand your "angst". I've had my own periods of anxiety along these lines.

    I understand, and I'll be praying. Let me know if I can help you in any way.