Friday, June 18, 2010

Aren't you Glad ???

These last few days/weeks I have felt a little under the weather. I have not been sick physically but just felt myself sinking into that depression pit of my past. I have fought it with all my human powers but it continues to swept over me like the waves in the oceans. So today I made it a point to find some quiet time to pray to and hear from God. I didn't know what verses to read or what words to pray so I sat in my comfy chair and cried. As the tears began to fall the weight on my heart began to lift and I opened my bible to Romans 5:8 " but God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (NIV) In this old familiar verse God reminded me that He loves me unconditionally.

Aren't you that God loves us unconditionally even when.....

  • We neglect spending time alone with Him

  • We are overwhelmed by all the things others have added to our "to do" list.

  • We are frustrated and speak harshly to those around us.

  • Our house is a mess and we have no desire to clean it.

  • We don't give our spouses the attention they need, want and deserve.

  • We feel the weight of the world pressing in on us

  • We take our eyes off of Him and focus on our own wants and desire.

He love you and me no matter what life is coming at us.


  1. Thank you for your testimony, Amy. I am another Christian woman who battles clinical depression. Satan is up to his tricks to discourage me--and I am then surrounded by the Holy Spirit's comfort and encouragement through women like you. God bless and keep you.

    Jennifer Kitchens Crowe

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words!! I've had a rough week too - great reminders!!

    Just stopping by from Alabama Bloggers to say hey!

  3. YES! I'm so thankful that God loves me unconditionally and even when I can't love myself.

    He is MORE than enough for me!

    In my weakness, He is strong! And, I've been weak a lot lately.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and to pour your heart out. I look forward to reading more of your posts and meeting you at She Speaks in a couple weeks!!! I'm in your Speaker Evaluation Group! ; )


  4. what a blessing, indeed, that my Father loves me unconditionally! boy, do I need to know that truth daily!!

    I am praying for you and looking forward to meeting you at SheSpeaks! (I'm in your group, too)

  5. Just stopping by from Alabama Bloggers...I'm in NW Alabama. It's always good to "meet" a blogging neighbor.

    Check out my post from today if you get a chance. It seems like God has Bern saying similar things to you and I. Be blessed! :)

  6. Sweet Amy,
    I am SO glad you are coming to She Speaks! I know He has special things in store just for YOU! He has special things in store for each of us. He is just such an amazing Father. May He absolutely blow your socks off next weekend!

    I will be praying for you as we draw closer and closer. I know the enemy wants to discourage and distract us. He hates that we are stepping out in faith! But our God is greater! I love how you reminded yourself of truth when you were feeling so discouraged. That is what I have to do, too.

    I so hope we get to meet at She Speaks! And, again, I am so glad you are coming!

  7. Amy, I am so looking forward to meeting you and hearing your testimony. seems we have many blog friends in common and now the Lord has put us in the same eval. grp!! fun! can't wait to meet you..I think we have the BEST group!! :)