Monday, February 11, 2013

Less of Me. {God-Sized Dream}

Holley's God-sized dream challenge for this week is, "Decide what you will decrease in your life so your God-sized dream has more room to increase. What do you need to say “no” or “not now” or “not so much” to so your dream can thrive? Sometimes even what’s good can crowd out what’s best. Write a post choosing one thing you will decrease in your life and how you believe that will help your dream"

As I mulled over this week's prompt from Holley, I thought ofall the things that occupy my days. The things of the world that take up my time. The have to do things like jobs, housework, caring for family and friends. Then there are the want to things like hobbies,TV, Facebook, and Twitter.  Where does God and my God-Sized Dream fit in.  Do they belong under the 'have to' title of the 'want to'.  Years ago I would have told you that since worshiping, praising and following God is something I chose to do it would have to be sat aside in my want to column.  However as I have learned to depend on Him more, I realize that God can not be placed in either of my columns.  He is everything,  He is the reason I do my have to's.  He has given my the desire to follow after my want to's.  The easy answer would be to say I need to decrease the time spent on my want to list. Less post to Facebook. Cut out the minutes devoted to Twitter. Limit the number of shows watched.  Those would be the easy answers.  Those are the expected answers.  But I no longer desire to take the broad easy way.  God has called me to walk down the narrow path.  So what am I to say “no” or “not now” or “not so much” to so my dream can thrive?  After a week of reading and re-reading Holley's words I have only one answer:

"He must increase, but I must decrease." 

John 3:30

I must allow God to decrease me.  That means I have to abandon my idea of what my dream will look like.  I have to let go of my desire to make it perfect before I make it public. I have to not allow myself to become prideful as God's dream within me is manifested. These are all things that of myself I can not do.  I do not have the power to decrease.  The only way to decrease is to allow Him to increase.  To have His word, His truth, His love to take root and grow in my heart.  By spending more time studying His word He will reveal the each step I am to take to more towards the dream.

What steps can you take to allow Him to increase in your life?  How will those steps move you closer to the dream He has given you ?


  1. Oh how you just spoke to my heart! I love it!

    1. So glad God use me to touch you today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come again.

  2. The idea of abandoning my idea of what my dream will look like is so hard...but you are right on. Thank you for this insight, Amy...blessings to you! Hope you're having a great week. :)