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Wednesday Being the Word 2/26/2013

No, that is not a typo in my title.  Yes, Wednesday (sometimes Thursday) is normally titled Wednesday in the Word but this past Sunday night we got to use the teaching of Jesus to actually be the Word to one of our very own sweet sisters in Christ.  But as you'll see she first gave to us. 

 In 2003 my family walked through the doors on Mt Carmel Baptist for the first time.  As we walked into the sanctuary I scan the pews trying to figure out which seats were available and which ones had already been claimed by the regular attenders.   After many years growing up in church I was sure there was a self-assigned seating chart that we newbie were unaware of.  I didn't not want to mess that up.  So we carefully chose our seats and sat down.  A few minutes later as more and more people begin to come in I heard the prettiest song bird whistling.  I figured that somehow a bird had gotten in.  So I begin to look around for it. Not only did I not find the bird but it appeared I was the only person that heard it.  I pressed on my ears, shook my head and looked around again.  I still heard it.  I was still the only one looking for the mysterious bird.  Then I spotted it.  I had finally found the beautiful songbird and she wasn't a bird at all. 

Songbird Mekie
 Her name is Mekie.  Mekie had attended Mt Carmel for years with her father until he became ill and passed away. Now she attends not alone but with us her sisters, her family in Christ.  I don't know Mekie's whole story nor do I need to but I want to share with you what I do know as an encouragement to God's love, grace and mercy.  

Mekie spent her life caring for all those around her.  She meet their physical needs, prayed for their spiritual needs and uplifting their emotional need.  She ministered to her mom through illness and death, then her dad and now even cares for her brother.  Mekie has done so much with so little yet if you saw her smile or heard her songbird whistle you would never know the depth of her need.  She never complained. She never questioned God.  She never doubted His love. She never lost her faith or wanted to quit.  She challenged me to stay strong.  

Downtown Cordova
However, on April 28, 2011 if she had wavered a little.  Heck even wavered a lot I am not sure anyone would have cast the first stone at her. Just the day before Mekie's home was destroyed in the largest tornado outbreak recorded.  Now many people would describe Mekie's house as a true fixer upper before the storm hit.  She lacked many of the things that we consider must have to even live.  Things like central heating and air.  But what she didn't like is the one thing so many of us need more of.... Faith.  Mekie has total unmovable faith in Christ.  She knew God would provide for her and her brother in His time.  As the long term recovery team that was working in destruction area evaluated all the needs around Mekie was added to the list of those to be helped.  Now that list was long because the needs were great.  So Mekie whistled as she waited and waited and waited.  Again Mekie did what Mekie does. Whenever someone would ask her when were they going to start on her house she would reply, "They will get to it." or "In God's time."  Finally the day came a group of Mennonites from across the USA and Canada poured the foundation of what would finally be Mekie's home.  Within about 9 weeks the final nail was driven in.  There are still a few minor details that needs to be tied up but Mekie will be moving in very soon.  

Mekie has touched so many lives.  She does not stand on a stage speaking/preaching.  She does not stand on the street corner shouting bible verses. She does not thump other on the head with her bible. What she does do is live her life out in front according to the Word she loves.  So how do so many repay a lady that has taught us something that cannot be measured?  You can't.  However, we tried.  On Sunday evening we gave Mekie a surprise housewarming party.  We tried to shower just a portion of the love she has shown to other back on her.  

Is there someone in your life that fully lives out their faith? 

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