Monday, January 14, 2013

God Sized Dreams -- Next Step

{I recently came across Holley Gerth’s site where she invited us to begin thinking what our God-sized dreams are. Last Tuesday, I began following her God-Sized dreams link up with this post.  So each week I will be journaling here about the dream God has given me and I would love for you to join me by sharing your dreams in the comments.}

I have worn glasses for as long as I can really remember but actually only since I was about 3 years old. I was born with Amblyopia or what is more commonly known as 'lazy eye'.  Basically the muscles of my left eye were not strong enough to hold the eye straight.  As I got older the doctor told us there were surgeries they could do to correct it but they were not guaranteed to work.  The other option was glasses along with a wide array of exercises. Yes, exercises for eye muscles.  The first was to wear a patch of the 'good eye' in order to work the weaker muscles in the left eye.  I can not tell you how much I hated wearing that patch.  The tape caused my skin to itch, I would get headaches and to be honest it was just ugly.  I hated wearing it. 
However, the second exercise was fun and I enjoyed it.  The doctor had my dad to build me a beam that sat about 6 inches off the ground and was about 6 foot long.  Every evening I was to walk across that beam back and forth at least 25 times.  He instructed me not to be like the gymnast.  I was not to hold my head high walking with my feet perpendicular but instead I was to focus on watching my feet.  I needed to continually watch each step not worrying about how far it was to the end.  The point was to use that eye muscle by forcing it to focus on a specific spot, my feet. 

Last week after writing about my God-sized dream I began think of all that would have to happen before I could declare to myself that my dream was a reality.  It was a long, long list.  I was discouraged just thinking about.  I just wanted to quit before I even got started.  But I couldn't quit. I mean not only had I put it in writing but I posted here for the whole world to read. (Or at least the few family and friends that wonder by here on occasion).   So I knew I had to at least try to follow through. I decided I could use my balance beam exercise to help me move forward. 

Here is how:
  • I will not approach my dream with my head held high but instead I will always keep it bowed in prayer for guidance.
  • I will not set my eyes on the end and how far I have to go but instead I will just look to the one next step.
  • I will not rush to quickly that I lose my balance and fall but instead I slow move as the Lord directs me to. 
  • When I do finally get to the end I will turn around and begin again.

I have taken a couple of small steps this past week. With the left foot I stepped forward to spend more time in bible study that will later become messages that I can share with women that will encourage them in their God-sized dreams. Then with the right foot I took a step to speak to a group of about 25 ladies on the subject of Joy. It is time to take a breath and bring the left foot forward again and focus on the next small step, to be consistent in posting encouraging words here on the blog, my facebook page and twitter. Then I will add the next step of working to schedule another event.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! You write beautifully. Great analogy. Congrats for taking small steps forward! Don't worry, I felt like almost quitting this past week too! Small at a time...we'll see these God-sized Dreams become God-sized Reality!

    1. Thanks Cathy for the encouragement. Every time I think about giving up now I just think of all the other ladies like you that are also stepping out to follow their God-sized dreams. We can do this !!

  2. My son has that! We tried the patch with a 3 year old it was a nightmare. Wonder if the other option would work. Interesting.

    1. Alyssa - Both my kids, now 24 & 20 years old, also had to wear patches. I found some online for them that did not stick to their eye but instead it slid over their glasses. They also had a cute little picture like a flower or car on them. It still wasn't easy to make them wear it but at least I didn't have to deal with the tape and stuff.