Monday, January 21, 2013

Sharing the Dream

Holley's God-sized dream challenge for this week is, "find a God-sized dreams buddy in your everyday life or online. Share your God-sized dream with that person and ask for their encouragement and prayers on your journey."

"I hope it is okay that I volunteered you to make the dressing for the office Thanksgiving dinner. We need enough to feed about 25 people."  My sweet hubby said these words to me late one evening a little of a month after our wedding day.  He had not taken into consideration that I had never ever made dressing before in my 20 years of life.  I quickly called my mother-in-law to plead for her help.  She gave me a shopping list and told me to come to her house the next night and she would help me. 

WHEW!!!  What a relief. 

As I carried bags of ingredients I was really expecting her to take them and start mixing it all up then I would walk out with a finished pan of golden brown dressing.  Little did I know Nana had other plans.  She poured herself a tall glass of sweet tea, sat at the table and begin giving me directions.  I chopped, measured, mixed and baked one small pan of dressing.  She took one bite, "that's good but a little dry." She explained what I had done wrong. Again I chopped, measured, mixed and baked another small pan. "Better but needs more sage."  I was getting frustrated and very upset.  As I slumped in the chair next to her she gently placed her hand on my shoulder and assured me that I would get it. "Just try one more time."  So for the 3rd time I chopped, measured, mixed and baked.  This time she put a large spoonful on her plate and declared this pan to be perfect. 

Nana has spent the last five Thanksgivings at the banquet table in Heaven but each time I get ready to make the dressing I think of that night she spent hours teaching, instructing and encouraging me. 

I have been so bless to have different people pour love and knowledge in to various areas in my life. First is my sweet precious momma.  We had a difficult time in my teen years but through it all she taught me how to love with an unconditional love.  Then I have my best friend and ministry partner, Tricia, that is always just a phone call away to listen to all my ups and downs. Deb, another dear friend, that is just a little farther down the motherhood road than I am. She is the one that loves me with the greatest love yet she is there when needed to point out the times I am letting my emotions over run me.  These three along with a church full of other Godly ladies speak truth and light into my life in so many different ways. I also have had several professional mentors that have spent time with me to point out my strengths and weakness in the business world for my "real" job. 

Each and every one of these encourager/mentors have played a part in molding me into the person I am today. So as I looked back at Holley's challenge I realize that I have already met this challenge.  I have shared my dream with Momma, Tricia, Deb, Ladies bible study group, co-workers and here online.  Yet I feel God pushing to go a little deeper.  See all of these ladies love me, pray for me and encourage me.  They know my desire to serve God.  They know my story.  They know me.  Each one of them will do whatever they can to help make my God-sized dream of speaking/teaching God's word to become a reality.

However, there are the business aspects of ministry that many times we want to ignore. That is the area I lack direction and confidence in.  I struggle with if I am suppose to sit back and simply wait for God to open the door for speaking opportunities or if it is okay to do some marketing.  I don't have the answer to many questions on how to book events, what the best way to interact with event coordinators and many many more.  So as a next step towards my God-sized dream I am looking and praying for God to put someone in my life that not only shares this dream but has already brought it into reality.  Someone that is willing to walk along beside me as God's plan unfolds.

Do you have a Dream Team ? What types of different support strengths does your team offer you? Is the an area that you need more assistance and encouragement in ?


  1. This is a great story! The people we love really make every day thanksgiving, don't they?

    1. Yes Holley, I am thankful for both the people of my past and the new ones I am making for my present and future. Thank you for being a part of it.

  2. I love the story you shared about your mother-in-law...not only because she was a patient and loving teacher but because she left you with a priceless memory, too. Beautiful. :) Sounds like God has blessed you with an amazing group of friends to support you, too. Blessings as you pursue your dream!

  3. Amy, what a beautiful story, and what amazing women you have in your life! Thanks for the sweet comment you left me. Praying for you as you pursue your God-sized dreams and embark on this journey :)

  4. Amy this is perfect timing, it was sent to me through Jeannie Pallett. I have God sized dreams and the business end if it all frustrates me. I ask God for discernment and have been open to what I believe I am called to do. It is not easy, but the joy that comes from obedience is wonderful. Business is business to so many people, but I want my business to be God's business. The worlds definition is different. I will keep on the path God is leading and turn when he says turn! I don't want to go left when he says right. I am thankful for all the prayers so far. I have to call my mom now to have her walk me through some of "those feelings!". God Bless you, may you see his blessing TODAY.