Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wednesday in the Word 1/23/13

This last week has truly been a roller coaster.  I received my official letter that my job will be moving out of state by the end of March 2013 but I also had two interviews for new jobs.  I had a little out-patient surgery that caused me to miss teaching class Sunday night.  But in God's wisdom and timing I had already been able to study ahead and had notes prepared to continue on with the next few verse of Genesis. Tricia, my friend and ministry partner, was able to step in and lead the ladies.  So today I'll share what the Lord taught my and then ask you to share your thoughts and/or questions in the comment section below.  {To leave a comment simply click the comment button in the share line at the bottom of the post.  You can either set up a Google account that takes a few seconds or you can simply be anonymous}.  However you choose I can assure you that your comments are always welcomed. 

We begin this week with the fifth day of creation.  The day God formed both the birds and the seas.  He formed all the diverse types of birds and sea animals at the same time.  They did not evolve over millions of years and they did not develop from the plant life that was already created.  Once this day was coming to an end God blessed them.  He blessed them  telling them to "be fruitful and multiply." They had a job to do.  He had given them a purpose that only they could fulfill.

On the sixth day God moved on to the next step in His plan when He created the land animals.  Notice in verse 24 just like back in verse 20 and again in other verses to follow, we are told that that each was to produce "according to its kind". God deliberately structured plenty of variation within a kind, but one kind does not become another kind.  For example, structure among dogs is diverse.  The teacup poodle is very different from the Great Dane, but they are both dogs.  However, they won't ever become mice, no matter how much breeding is done.

He then continues His work for that sixth by creating humans in his own image.  Again He blessed them and gave instructs to "be fruitful and multiply".  But with the man He gave more instructions and with that more authority.  He said, " Fill the whole earth and govern it.  Reign over the fish of the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry the earth."  

I love the fact that God blessed them before He gave them their directive. To me that shows that He gave them all the wisdom and ability that they would need to fulfill the duty He has sat before them.  That give me hope and encouragement that He will do the same for me.  God had pronounced the creation good, He really meant it. At the time it was entirely good: there was no decay on earth, yet.  But once He sees the man He has created His analysis of His work He declares it to be 'very good'.

God has created us all for a purpose, given us authority, and blessed us to fulfill that purpose. Are we doing all that we were created to do ?  Will He declare us to be very good ?


  1. Because of Jesus, I think Christians will be declared "very good". Scripture says "faith without works is dead", but we can't work/perform/earn our way into heaven either. I produce good fruit, but could produce more. I guess I don't think anyone can fully do all they were created to do, since none of us are perfect. Does any of that make sense? Heh. -Tiffany

    1. Tiffany - I totally agree. I may not have worded my last question just right. I believe that our works do nothing to get us into heaven but He has given us all a gift and a purpose that we are to use for His glory. Thanks so much for helping me to clarify.

  2. Praise God he still loves His creation! No matter our failures His enduring mercy, love and grace still keeps our purpose in mind. Jer. 29:11-13.. So glad that even after the fall of man the curse included a blessing and God already knew how He would help us in our frailty arrive at His purpose anyway: ultimate fellowship and closeness with Him! He still wanted man after He had messed up! And He was willing to go beyond creating us, giving us a purpose, and a blessing to giving us REDEMPTION through Jesus! Everybody read Eph. 1:5-14 Praise God for His mercy, love and grace during creation! If we praise Him for a thousand years we could never praise Him enough!