Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking Back to Move Forward

Holley's God-sized dream challenge for this week is, " think back to another time when you took positive action in your life.  What’s one thing that helped you move forward that you could apply again now and someone else could benefit from hearing too?"

I don't know why I finally made the decision.
Maybe it was because I was so tired.
Maybe it was the reflection I saw in the mirror.
Maybe it was the fight every morning to find something to wear.
Maybe it was my competitive nature after I saw what my brother had accomplished.
Or maybe it was just time for me to make a change

Whatever the reason I had finally decided that I had to get my weight under control.  
But Halloween, with Thanksgiving and Christmas in the near future, is not the time to begin looking at eating healthy. It was not the time to try to avoid sweets.  Yet I made the decision. The hardest part was taking that first real step.  

No more talking about it. 
No more planning for one day to come in the future.
No more researching different plans.
No more. 
Just making a decision to make a change and then putting that change into action.

I actually made it through the holidays well and lost some weight but like with most things success made me want more.  I decided to add exercise to my program.  

I took a large gulp of water, whispered a prayer, and opened the door to my first Zumba class.  When I was greeted by the perky, young, skinny instructor I wanted to just run the other way but I stayed.
(Thank God there was no cameras.)

I made it through that first class and I actually showed up the next day...and the next. In fact I continued to show up 3-4 days a week for a year.  More than the physically weight (60lbs) that shed, I also shed some emotional baggage.  

The success I found on my weight journey taught me the two things I had to do to reach in any dream was:
    1. Make a decision and just start. -- Yes I will make some mistakes along the way.  Sometimes I may end up taking three steps backwards just move forward one.  The point is to know where the finish point is and always be focused on the point. 
    2. Continue to show up each and everyday. -- The reach a goal (any goal) we have to work at it everyday.  We may not succeed (see #1) at every task every day but if we make a commitment to show up.  I heard a writer friend say, "put your butt in the seat for some time everyday".  If we keep attacking the dream one day there will be a break through.  Do let your break through day be the day you decided not to show up.
I am still not such what the final vision of my God-sized Dream will be.  I am positive that I have and will continue to fail at time along the way. However, I have made the decision to just get started with the first few steps I believe God has called me to take.  I have also made a commitment to do something everyday, some big and some little, to work towards my goal.  

What actions are you taking to work towards your dream?  Have you made the decision to just get started? Will you agree to simply show up everyday?


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss and all you accomplished through it...that's incredible! I love the "keep showing up" perspective. I'm an avid runner, but I haven't always been that way...and there was a time when I had to force myself to get up early and take those first few steps. Once I was off and going...the tough part was over. Keep up the great work as you pursue your dream! Blessings, friend. :)

  2. Congrats on your weight loss!! I totally agree that the "just show up / just get started" is the hardest part. Blessings to you as you discover your dreams and strive to reach them!