Friday, January 4, 2013

I Do It Me Self

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6

My daughter has always been strong and very independent.  I believe her first sentence was, "I do it me self." There were many times that I tried very hard to teach her something or show her a better way to do something but she did not want you to show her. She just wanted to do it herself.  One particular occasion not long after we have hardwood floors installed in our large family room her older brother was trying to teach her how you run, dive on a pillow and slide across the slick floors.  She had watched him do it a couple of time so when he was explaining to her that she had to be sure to keep the pillow in front of her she didn't listen.  Instead she takes the pillow from him and yells. "I do it ME SELF."  Then She took off full speed down the hallway.  She held the pillow close to stomach and dove.  She didn't slide near as far as he did.  It wasn't because she was smaller.  It wasn't because she didn't run fast enough.  The reason she stopped so suddenly was because her face, chin first, was planted hard into the floor.  She hit so hard it busted her chin open to the point that required stitches.  See the instructions Anthony was trying to share with her was to be sure that she held the pillow high enough on her chest to protect her face.  Because she thought she knew best.  Because she would not listen to instructions she suffered and still carries the scars today. (Now lest you think I am picking on Samantha I can assure you that I have stories for the future on Anthony too.) 

Really Samantha is no different than we all are.  There are so many times God tries to give us instructions.  He tries to warn us.  What do we do ?  If we even bother to acknowledge Him then we simple repeat Samantha's mantra "I do it me self." We try in figure out the solution to the problem, the way out of a situation or we simple hope it all goes way.  In our key verse we are reminded that if we trust, lean and submit to Him then He will direct us in the way we should go.  He will lead us down a straight path without all the twist and turns we take on our own. 

Dear Lord,
Today I pray that each one reading this post will make time to be still before, hear you speak and follow your instructions.  May they find peace in the fact that they can turn it all over you and do not have to do it all me self. 
In Jesus Name

Time to reflect :  In what area of your life do you continue to tell God that you can handle without Him?  Are you willing today to let Him teach you a new way ?

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