Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God-Sized Dreams

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for
more of what God has for you. ~~ Holley Gerth
Last week this post from author Holly Gerth popped in my inbox.  I normal let a few stack up and then read them all at one time but the title "God-sized Dreams & The “Do What You Can” Plan" made my heart almost skip a beat.  She explained that a God sized dream has nothing to do with the size of the dream but more with the desire of the heart. 
Today I am joining Holley and her "Dream" team in sharing my God-sized dream but first let me give you a short of the background story:
My journey towards my God-sized dream began many years ago in high school when I need one more elective class to finish out my junior year.  I wanted to take an easy class that I wouldn't have to work to hard in.  So I signed up for the speech class.  I have never really had trouble talking in a group (it was the one-to-one conversations that scared me).  Standing in front of 18 students giving my final exam speech was the extend of my time at the podium.  That is until about 10 years ago.  Shirley walked up to me one Sunday evening after church and said, "You know we need a teacher in the kids Sunday School and I think you would be good at it.  Will you try it ?"  Before I knew what was happening I had said, "yes."  So a few weeks later once again I was standing in front of a class room and it just felt right.  I taught that class for two years.  I had gotten the routine of studying, preparing and teaching.  It became comfortable.  Almost to comfortable. 
One evening a young guest preacher was speaking at our church and the only words I remember coming from his mouth was, "when you are the most uncomfortable is when God is going to use you."  I knew then that God was calling me to move on to a new assignment.  The problem was I had no clue what that assignment would be.  But again the answer came from Him through a church friend when I was asked to help teach the adult ladies class.  WOW !!!!  teaching kids is one thing but teach women many of who were so much more mature in their faith is something totally different. As I sat at the front of this class my lip quivered.  I broke out in a sweat. But the words flowed and it felt right. Once again I became familiar with the role and at easy.  I am still teaching that class to as we began to read through the Chronological Bible for the third year.  God has blessed me so much through the study and the ladies that I am humbled to lead.  As much as I love digging into His Word with my sister I feel a tug at my heart to step out of the comfort zone I am in. 
So here it goes.....my God-sized dream is to share all that God has taught me in my roller coaster journey through my depression to His joy.  I want to share it in one on one conversations as well as the larger group presentations.  God planted this dream seed in my heart several years ago. Slowing He has been watering it through the encouraging words of others.  He then pruned it by opening my eyes to the true needs of others, showing me that it wasn't about me. Now I believe it is time for some blooming to occur. 

Join me over at Holley's place to see all the God is doing through the dreams of women.
OK I have opened up and shared my God-sized dream so now it is your turn.  What is your dream?  Remember it is has nothing to do with size or scope and everything to do with heart and desire.


  1. Yay! Dreaming with you. So many deal with depression. They need encouragement. I dream of speaking more and some day writing a book or two. One step at a time...

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  3. LOVE your dream and so glad you are on this journey too! Your specific and God given story will touch the lives of many!! Keep at it! :)