Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ignore, Delete or Accept

I have an old desktop that is so old that I do not even remember when I got.  So I access Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking on my Precious (IPhone) as well as take phone calls and text with it.  Then for Christmas Mike and the kids gave me a brand new Windows 8 laptop.  I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to pulling files and data that I need from the old PC to load on my new laptop. I reviewed some word documents that were written by my son his junior year in high school (2005-2006) even some PDF files downloaded from as far back as 2003.

During the process I began to think of all the things we do through our media outlets. 

We delete what we don't like. 
We accept the things or people we agree with.
We like the ones that make us feel good.
We share our thoughts and opinions

We do all these things with the ease of a click.  We don't think twice about.  It all has just become second nature to us.  So much so that we apply all the methods listed above to our relationship with God.  Don't believe me ?  Well, don't we delete from our thoughts the commandments that we don't like.  They are still there but because we don't think they apply to us we just remove them from our minds.  When we are in church do we only include the others that look like us? Are we diligent to seek out others that need to hear about God regardless of who they are or where they are ?  As we study through God's word do we chose to share and accept only the verse that make us feel good, only the ones that encourage us, and lift you up.  Do we watch for opportunities to share thoughts and opinions with other that will edify them? 

In 2013 as I read through the chronological bible, it is my desire to welcome each verse

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